Do you know someone who would love the Makers Oman experience?

Enjoy our Win-Win deal! When you refer a friend and they purchase a first time membership, you are awarded a FREE 1-month membership! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, so prepare your list!


To learn more see Front Desk or email us at .

FAQs - Refer a Friend Programme

Q. How many Friends can use me as a referral?

A. All of them.


Q. What do I receive when my friend uses me as a referral?

A. You will receive a one month free membership.


Q. Does my friend receive anything for using me as a referral?

A. No, this offer is applicable to the referral only.


Q. Do I have to be there when my friend signs up for the membership?

A. No, but your friend should know your full name and email address.

Q. My friend was a Makers Oman member a few years ago. Do I still get a free month if he/she signs up again?

A. No. The Refer a Friend program is only available for first-time members of Makers Oman

Q. Is there an expiration or auto-activation date on the 1-month membership?

A. Yes! Your free 1-month membership will be auto-activated immediately once granted or one day after your existing membership ends