General Tours

Tours are the best way to experience what Makers Oman has to offer. Great for field trips for young makers, college students and adults alike!


Event Time & Duration

  • Makers Oman is open for tours at any time. If you are interested in booking a specific time please contact our Front Desk team via



  • Tours are for FREE


Age & Supervision requirements

  • Minimum age: 8
  • Maximum age: None!
  • During the tour, all 8 to 11-year-old participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also enrolled in the event.
  • Participants, who are 12 years and above, can participate in the tour on their own!
  • All participants must sign the liability release waiver at our Front Desk befor entering the space.
  • Please refer to our Minors & Shop Access Policies for more information.


Number of Students

Each event is scalable and customizable to accommodate a variety of group sizes and interests. Contact our Events Manager for more information

  • Minimum number of participants: 1
  • Maximum number of participants: 20



  • Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for all participants. Open-toed footwear of any kind is not permitted and unfortunately if this requirement is not met, we will not be able to allow access to the facility.