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3D Printer #2 Ultimaker 3

A 3D printer is simply a machine that can take a digital 3D model and turn it into a tangible 3D object via additive manufacturing. It slices your 3D object into layers and builds the 3D model layer by layer until it reaches the top. It's a great machine to manufacture prototypes quickly or print out 3D designed parts; it's the most common digital fabrication method used nowadays.

  • Build volume: 215 x 215 x 200 mm

  • Company: Ultimaker

  • Equipment model: Ultimaker 3

  • Materials processed: Filament diameter of 0.4 mm using the following commonly: PLA, ABS and uncommonly: Nylon, PVA, PC, PC, TPU

  • Software: Cura

  • Data formats: stl; obj; thing

  • Computer required: Yes

  • Level of difficulty: Easy

  • Useful internet links:

  • Build plate: Glass plate with BlueTape; removable; not heated

  • Checkout Kit: 3D Printer Kit available at Front Desk

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