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Laser Cutter #5 (Fibre & CO2 Laser)

This machine is just amazing! It's basically a CNC machine that uses a high power laser beam to Cut, Engrave and Etch into your material whether it's wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, leather or even a piece of steak! And many many more materials!

  • Dimensions: 

    • Engraving Area: 1219 x 914 mm
    • Maximum Z-Depth: 311 mm for engraving and etching (*cutting will depend on material)
  • Company: Epilog

  • Equipment model: FusionPro; 120 Watt CO2, 59 Watt Fibre

  • Materials processed: Acrylic, Delrin, Melamine, Polycarbonate, ABS, Mylar, Corian, Rubber, Glass, Ceramic, Tile, Marble, Coated metals, Anodized Aluminium, Painted metal, Cloth made from natural fibres, Leather, Mat board, Papers, Pressboard, Cork, Food, Wood, Wood Veneer

  • Software: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape

  • Data formats: cdr, dwg, dxf, pdf, dfx, ai, jpeg, png, etc.

  • Computer required: Yes

  • Level of difficulty: Easy

  • Useful internet links: 

  • Checkout Kit: No checkout kit required

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