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Guest Day Pass

  • All guests MUST check in at the Front Desk and will be required to sign and complete a Visitor Profile and Tour Waiver prior to their staff-guided tour.

  • Guests will be issued a guest badge that MUST be worn and visible at all times.

  • Members are responsible for the welfare of the guest and MUST accompany them at all times while on-site as well as ensure they adhere to all Makers Oman rules and policies.

  • Only active Makers Oman members or day-pass users may engage in the member’s work and the use of tools and equipment at Makers Oman! Guests who wish to participate in the member’s projects or activities MUST acquire a day pass or membership.

  • Anyone found to be operating tools or equipment without a membership of some kind will result in BOTH the member and guest(s) having all membership privileges revoked.

Guest Day Pass
  • Guest Day Pass can only be acquired in person at Front Desk together with an active Makers Oman member.
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