Training & Education at Makers Oman

Makers Oman offer 70+ classes per month. Each class has a maximum of 4 participants to ensure close guidance and interaction with our members. All classes have a pass/ fail result and can be retaken at half price if necessary. We request that all participants give their full attention in class, therefore the use of cell phones is prohibited. Anyone can sign up for classes at Makers Oman; you do NOT need to be a Makers Oman memebr to enrol.


Makers Oman offers a variety of classes that are split into four categories:

Safety and Basic Use (SBU) Classes

Safety and Basic Use (SBU) classes act as a primary, introductory class for members to gain the information they need to get started on a piece of machinery. Class duration ranges from 2 to 3 hours for each class. For safety reasons, the successful completion of a SBU class by our members is required for some of our equipment prior to independent use. These compulsory classes are identified in the class title with “SBU”, e.g. Silkscreen Printing Basics SBU.

Some pieces of equipment and some related classes have as well minimum age requirements.

Software & Theory Classes

Software & Theory Classes provide additional in-depth knowledge to the SBU classes, which can be chosen optionally, in case the student wishes to continue learning. For example, the Laser Cutter SBU class is mandatory to all students, which as well covers some basics of the required software 'Corel Draw'. In addition, the student can choose to participate in the software class 'Corel Draw for CNC', which provides further insights to becoming a pro in combining the software and machine.

Pathway Classes

Once students have passed a SBU class, they will often look to develop their skills or dig a little deeper into the possibilities the equipment presents. We offer various levels of classes to help members make further progress and expand their skills.

Pathway Classes are follow-on classes for members who have taken a few SBUs and now wish to gain more in-depth knowledge of certain machines. Some non-SBU classes would fall in this section as well, for example electronics or software classes. Pathway classes are usually identified with the words “Level” or “Part” or have a prerequisite class to be completed before signing up, e.g. ShopBot SBU - Part 1: CNC Toolpaths and ShopBot SBU - Part 2: CNC Router.

Project Based Workshops

Workshops are project-based sessions for members who wish to hone their skills in a particular area, gain some more specialist expertise, or be guided through the creation of a specific item or items. Examples would include our Event and Make-it-Take-it Workshops. Some workshops will require the successful completion of specific classes first, for example Decorative Pillow. Others don’t require any prior knowledge in order to participate, e.g. Makers Oman Experience.


Safety is our first priority at the makers facility. We ensure that all of our members take the correct Safety and Basic Use (SBU) classes before operating any machine on the floor. There are several tools and machines that are restricted for use by minors and are only allowed to be used under supervision. All machinery is equipped with a badge scanner that only allows members who have passed the SBU class to use them.

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